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Praise for The Road to Cali

“A couple’s decision to adopt turns into a heart-wrenching struggle to rescue a child from the confines of a cold Eastern European orphanage.

The Road to CaliWith daily diary entries, Chateau escorts readers through the labyrinth-like process of foreign adoption, from the motivations that inspired her decision to her ultimate journey home with a child. Chateau and her husband Brian were actors in New York who encountered fertility problems during their cursory attempts to have children. Several chance encounters left Chateau fixated on adopting. The author, once reconciled to the idea of motherhood, needed to come to terms with the notion of casting one’s lot, and finances, with complete strangers at an adoption agency. This proved to be no easy task, but it paled in comparison with what followed. Chateau chronicles the emotionally exhausting efforts she and her husband experienced once they met and fell in love with a Georgian infant, Kali, whose name was later changed to the titular Cali. His adoption depended upon a host of ever-changing and draconian protocols and paperwork in the Republic of Georgia, recounted by the author with mind-bending and heartbreaking clarity. Through the author’s research and travels, readers are awarded a richly textured glimpse of the history and culture of the country, specifically the town of Tbilisi; tales of the generosity and altruism of its inhabitants are particularly stirring. More than a decade has passed since Chateau’s experience, but her intimate journal so poignantly conveys the wide range of emotions incurred during the adoption process only the most aloof of readers would be able to resist tears.

A winning, emotional journey that will satisfy readers’ maternal instincts.”
–– Reviewed in Kirkus

“If you are thinking of adopting a child from another country, you should read Corinne Chateau’s story. You will, by turns, weep and cheer for her and her husband, Brian, in their quest to find and bring Cali home. In fact, you should read The Road to Cali even if you aren’t thinking of adopting. It’s a great story.”
–– Norris Church Mailer, author of Cheap Diamonds, Random House.

“Heart wrenching and spiritually uplifting, The Road to Cali is a profoundly moving odyssey. It’s a book about compassion, courage and determination in the face of great odds. It’s about love, and the epiphany of parenthood.”
— Peter Godwin, author of When A Crocodile Eats The Sun, Little Brown

“Corinne Chateau has written a memoir of uncompromising honesty. The Road to Cali is more than an adoption story, it is the story of a woman’s journey to the mother within.   Above all, it is an inspirational story of love.”
––Frances Fisher, Actress and Activist

“The Road to Cali is one woman’s story of the excruciating and super-heroic efforts of adopting a child from a distant country––and the point at which this baby boy becomes her own—long before she is allowed to take him home. This excellent book is also about the common anxiety shared by many women as to whether they have received enough as children––to give enough to their own children.”
––Norma Doft, Ph.D, author of When Your Child Needs Help, Random House

“Chateau is a powerful and evocative writer, and whether she’s standing on a deserted mountaintop in Georgia, or on a New York stage reciting her lines, she writes with such compassion and honesty, that her journey ultimately becomes our own.”
–– Anita Naughton, author of Tea and Sympathy, Penguin

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